Reinventing Retail Through Data & Technology

About our approach

Blending traditional retail with a data-driven approach.

We leverage data and machine learning to identify opportunities and drive the development of thousands of unique products we bring to market each year. Our unique approach has made us a top 10 seller on Amazon, Target and Walmart and one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

About our company

Our Brands

We have developed successful brands across a range categories.

Product sold every
2.1 seconds
New product created every
66 minutes
Compound annual growth
44% since 2014

Sales Channels

We're partnered with top online marketplaces and retailers.

In 2020, Marketplace Pulse named Juvo+ the second most important seller in the Online Marketplace ecosystem.


Our unique approach to retail

Founded and managed by search, technology and ad-tech industry pioneers, we take a data first approach to online marketplaces. Our technology analyzes and identifies inequity between consumer demand and current marketplace offerings. In-house product design teams precisely target each micro-market with product offerings designed to take meaningful market share in less than six months.

About our approach
Proprietary network of
3K+ manufacturers
Yearly in-house development of
8K+ products
Distribution center of
250K+ sq ft