When Art Meets Science

A Paradigm Shift

The transition of consumer spend to online marketplaces has created a once in a generation opportunity. For the first time in history, data can guide every element of the product selection, design and merchandising process. Art and creativity guided by science.

Our Technology

Meet DaVinci – our machine learning based analysis engine.

DaVinci is able to absorb the entire corpus of online marketplace data and deconstruct the DNA of each category in retail taxonomies.

Consumer demand, competition and the feature set that are driving the difference between success and failure are surfaced along with the strength of the relationships that connect them.

Img Our Technology

Our Approach

Targeted Development

Juvo+ uses a proprietary research engine to analyze demand, competition and economics across a diverse array of online channels.

Each year, over 10,000 unique opportunities are identified and translated into branded products by our in-house Product Development team.



Our Approach

Dynamic Sourcing

Our wholly owned sourcing operations in China provide direct access to a proprietary network of 3,000 factory partners in China, India and Vietnam.

Our team of highly experienced buyers are able to secure nearly any product at attractive price points, low order quantities and short lead times.



Precise Planning

Wholly owned and operated distribution centers in the United States and China are driven by complex demand planning algorithms.

We monitor inventory levels and sales forecasts across thousands of SKUs and multiple marketplaces, ensuring high in-stock rates and efficient turnover.



Custom Presentation

Our team leverages a state-of-the-art photography and content studio to develop product presentations that resonate with the target audience for each product.

Product merchandising content is optimized for the search algorithm and presentation profiles of each ecommerce channel or marketplace.



Bespoke Distribution

Our white label distribution solution allows retailers to fully monetize their current online customers by adding an endless aisle of related products.

Our custom, end-to-end integrations are complete with on-brand catalog segments, seamless order processing, and packaging and customer service experiences that are consistent with in-house products.


Constant Optimization

Our Hong Kong based Merchandising and Channel Management teams constantly monitor and react to changes in the market, ensuring durability of returns for each SKU.

Reviews, return rates, sessions, conversion, search ranking and sales volume are tracked in real-time and deviations are surfaced, interpreted and remediated.


Global Analytics

Our centralized analytics team provides in-depth monitoring, forecasting and analysis for each business operation.

Powerful decisioning tools and strategic insights at every juncture facilitate a near constant evolution, driving both sales and margin expansion.



Our Opportunity

Consolidated Opportunity

Online marketplaces have consolidated consumer demand in a way never before seen in human history.

The organizations that are able to tap into and master these marketplaces will be the next billion dollar companies.



Consolidated Opportunity

Compound Growth

Not only are consumers shifting to online marketplaces, but online marketplaces are increasingly divesting the role of designing, marketing and selling to third party sellers. This creates a compound growth effect outpacing either individual trend.




Compound Growth

Leading Position

Juvo+ is a top 10 seller on the Amazon, Target and Walmart marketplaces.

Juvo+ was recently recognized as the second most important seller in Marketplace Pulse’s Marketplace Pulse 100, behind only Anker (ANK).

Our Results

Aggressive Growth

Durable product cohorts and a below 2x EBITDA multiple on new development are driving a 44% CAGR from 2014 to current (accelerating in FY20/21).

Diverse Portfolio

Our product portfolio spans a range of categories driving consistent performance.

Our top three marketplace channels each represent double digit contribution.

Our Plans

New Categories

Each year, we expand the reach of our category expertise. Long term, we intend to have consumer loved products and brands in nearly every retail segment.



New Categories

New Channels

2019 Top 500 Online Retailers (ranked by 2018 web sales). We are currently partnered with 11 out of the top 50 online retailers and plan to add 16 more.



New Geographies

We currently reach 11 countries (US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden) and are planning to add 6 more (Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India).

New Geographies